Monthly Archive: July 2009

July 23 2009

Market Report 23rd July

Great bargains were on offer today at the market, for bulk buying We were able to secure some premium Tulips this morning from ‘Tulip Garden’ – our supplier in the hills at Monbulk.  We had to buy lots of them, but we have them on our television ad this week at $10 per bunch, which…

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July 16 2009

Market Report Thursday July 16th

As previously stated in the heart of winter the best season choices at the moment are the traditional winter delights.  Tulips, Iris, Daffodils, Erlicheer, Violets and Jonquils add to the as always extensive range of flowers in store today.  Tulips and Iris’s are our best buys at $10 per bunch each.  Yes Tulips $10 absolutly…

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July 9 2009

Market report Thursday 9th July

Today’s market was cold!! Colder in Melbourne than here in Ballarat there’s a world first!!! Flower quality was excellent today.  As it is the middle of winter Iris and Tulips are in full production.  these winter favourites add colour to any home or office and are extremely good value.  We are able to supply extra…

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July 2 2009

Market Report 2/7/09

The cold weather continues to play havoc with production in Victoria, with numbers being down once again, with recent frosts taking their toll on some of the field crops around the region.  This morning we were able to get some nice deep pink oriental lillies from a grower in Torquay, along with his very popular…

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