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Yearly Archive: 2009

December 11 2009

Market Report Thursday 10th December 2009

All things are pointing to a bumper Christmas crop with the current cool weather allowing crops to really improve to top grade as the plant is able to “thicken” up producing a better quality bloom in most cases.  Today’s market displayed some new and interesting products to buy. The most exciting arrival was the first…

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November 13 2009

Market Report Thursday 12th November

Today’s market was about Peonies.  These simply devine blooms are a November delight and are currently in their peak.  Peonies come in a range of colours from White to Pale Pink and Bright Pink.  Frank our grower from Monbulk is extremely happy with the quality of this years crop.  We can off Peonies this week…

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November 5 2009

Market Report 5th Nov 2009

Another successful mission completed this morning with a van load of magnificent quality flowers returning to Ballarat.  With the burst of summer over the weekend, most farms production has increased considerably, which means some great buying is possible and most importantly, some fantastic product quality available across the board. One great example of this is…

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October 24 2009

Market Report Saturday 24th October

This weeks market report comes to you on a Saturday, just to remind our loyal customers that we go to the market 3 days every week to ensure that the freshest flowers possible are supplied to the Ballarat area…and also I forgot to do it on Thursday morning. The Oriental lillie special has (2 for…

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October 16 2009

Market Report Thursday 15th October

Chincherinchis made their first apperance at todays market.  Grown by Agresta and sons from Cranbourne these bulbed flowers have white flowers with black centers.  They are long lasting and make an excellent good value vase of fresh flowers for home.  Warratahs continue to be in good supply.  The Monbulk region is slowing with the colder…

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October 1 2009

Market Report Thursday 1st October

Spring flowers are now in there prime suply in terms of both quality and quantity.  Our hmoe grown Rannunculis continue to be a stand out performer and provide excellent vase life of 7-14 days. On the native front October is all about Warratahs.  These absolutly magnificent large Red and the harder to get white stems…

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September 11 2009

Market Report Thursday 10th September 2009

This week is an extremely exciting week at Stems on a couple of fronts. Firstly we have begun picking our rannunculis at the farm. These are no ordinary ranuncs they are the Victorian series of Double flowers in White, Pale Pink, Dark Pink and Lime green. They are grown undercover in our Greenhouses that we…

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September 3 2009

Market Report Thursday 3rd September

Back at the market after my Queensland holiday was a bit of a shock to the system.  The alarm sounded at 2 a.m and I was hit with the reality that my holidays were well and truely over.  However it was a joy to go to a market that was brimming with spring blooms and…

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July 23 2009

Market Report 23rd July

Great bargains were on offer today at the market, for bulk buying We were able to secure some premium Tulips this morning from ‘Tulip Garden’ – our supplier in the hills at Monbulk.  We had to buy lots of them, but we have them on our television ad this week at $10 per bunch, which…

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July 16 2009

Market Report Thursday July 16th

As previously stated in the heart of winter the best season choices at the moment are the traditional winter delights.  Tulips, Iris, Daffodils, Erlicheer, Violets and Jonquils add to the as always extensive range of flowers in store today.  Tulips and Iris’s are our best buys at $10 per bunch each.  Yes Tulips $10 absolutly…

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