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September Market Update Flowers Ballarat

September 29 2008

We are now truly into spring with warmer temperatures now more normal. Flower supply has been excellent with Victorian growers now in full production on most lines. Local production means less transport better quality, a lower carbon footprint and best of all cheaper prices!!! So everyone is a winner. I must say I was a little disappointed on a trip to my local supermarket yesterday to see the big chain store still stocking imported product when there is definitely quality local supply available. This doesn’t happen at Stems because we are a grower ourselves and know the importance of supporting local growers as much as we can. On that note, we are proud to provide a snapshot of the many good deals we have available this week…

  • A big flush from our mini Gerbera growers the ‘Piovillico Brothers’ from Cranbourne has enabled us to provide a super special this week. Buy one bunch for only $9.90 and receive a second bunch absolutely free!! Thanks to Robert and the boys for helping us with this super special. The Gerberas come in a full range of bright colours and will suit any occasion you might have.
  • At home our carnations are keeping our farm team very busy and the pickers are bringing in larger arm fulls than normal.  So to keep them selling we have droped the price to $5.99 per bunch for our premium long stemed product.
  • One of the biggest things in September apart from footy finals is the arrival of Warratahs. What can I say, they are simply magnificent. Large flower heads that are stately in style and will be a long lasting choice. There flowering season runs for 8-10 weeks depending on how hot it gets. We get our Warratahs from our mate Steve at ‘Tulip Garden’ who has about 30 acres of trees to pick from. This week we have extra tall stemmed ones at $7.90 per stem (130cm tall) tall stemmed ones for $6.90 per stem (80cm) and medium length at $4.90 (50cm).

When you get them home make sure the end of the stem has been split.  This should have been done by us and it allows water to travel up the stem and keep the flower alive.  Because Warratahs are a very woody stem the cut seals up very quickly and will not take up water.  If for some reason we have missed splitting your stem simply bash the end of the stem twice with a hammer on a concrete surface and that will do the job!