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Market Specials Thursday 27th November

November 28 2008

Bouvardia made its season debut at today’s market.  There has been some poorer quality available earlier but today saw premium supplies of this dainty white stared flower in market  for sale.  Bouvardia is used a lot in wedding work but also makes a very pretty vase of flowers for home or a gift. These excellent quality flowers are Victorian grown and are excellent value at only $16 per bunch.

Lissianthus supplies are now coming into their peak.  Excellent quality is now the norm.  These delicate paper like flowers come in a range of pastel cottage colours from pink,salmon, purple, white and cream.  Our current supplies are coming from the tulip garden in bulk but it won’t be long before our very own Ballarat farm grown Lissi’s are in store for sale.  Again vale is currently excellent at only $16 per bunch.

As for gifts perhaps you could consider the pineapple plants we picked up today.  These very novel edible products make both a very special and novel gift idea.

Happy shopping at Stems this week where you know you will be getting the freshest and best quality flowers available.