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Market Report Friday 5th November

November 7 2010


This weeks market has been all about Peonies.  They usually start flowering around the 28th October and are getting into full swing this week.  However due to the very cold weather we have been having in the middle to late October flowering has been delayed until now.  This resulted in some very dissapointed brides and frantic florists on Thursday who were all chasing white Peonies.  Fortunatley we hadn’t booked any brides instore for white Peonies but some of our florists that we supply had.  To rectify the situatuion we were frantically picking the very last of our Rannuncs which are the closest substitute to white Peonies.

We did however get some beautiful coral peonies from New Zealand which sold in 2 hours from getting off our new truck!  We also picked up some beautiful Sarah Bernahart pink Peonies.  These are the most common cut Peonies and are pale pink in colour.  Lastly for the peonies we have some magnificent burgundy tree peonie flowers which are a rich deep burgundy colour.

Roses are every where now so no problems for the brides here and they are of excellent quality.  One of our favourites is the long stem super large headed red garden roses- amazing.  The heads are seriously 4″ across in size.  They have deep green large leaves so son’t need anything else in the vase, they are perfect on their own.

Lissinathus have started to flower now and will continue until June next year.  At our farm we are jsut starting to plant now so our own production won’t come until store until Febuary.  Quality of supply at this time of the year can be tricky because the flowers are from regrowth plants that have grown over winter and sometimes flowers are affected by fungus issues and aren’t always that great.  However our friend from camperdown Deon Podger of Podgers has managed to produce some very very nice bunches of which we got some this week and are hoping to get more until christmas.

Anyhow as always we have packed the shop full of an excellent range of premium fresh cut flowers for you to choose from.