Market Report Tuesday 1st Feb

February 1 2011

With Valentine’s Day only 14 days away our focus and attention has quickly turned to the day of love. A day where we get to share and exchange feeling with the special people in our life. The rose of choice at stems flower market is Grandifloras Adrenalin rose. As its name suggests it is full of Adrenalin a deep red colour with long vase life typifies the symbol of true love. Adrenalin is a thornless rose and is clearly a leader in rose varieties. It is Australian grown and Australian bred. Don’t be fooled by the roses in supermarkets and fruit shops that are predominantly or all imported from Kenya. As I have said before the importation of roses from Africa is strong because of the labour rate that Kenyans are paid. The average worker in a Kenyan rose farm receives $2 Aus per day of work compared to $168 paid to a worker in an Australian rose farm. So yes, a clear example of Coles and Woolworths and other local fruit shops spruiking about how “local” and “Australian” produced there produce is, but not in roses at Valentine’s Day. There are plenty of Australian grown roses around but these guys simply won’t pay the money for them.

Anyhow, enough of my rhetoric! Back to the flowers. On Valentine’s Day we will be open from 7a.m to 9p.m doing deliveries directly to your valentine at any time during this period. Order online from our specially designed and updated range of valentines products and receive free delivery. This is for orders placed online only.

In store today despite the hot conditions we have a full range of choice cut flowers to choose from. Our specially designed walk-in cool room is keeping all our stock fresh at a pleasant 13 deg. Stock form our farm carnations, Lissianthus, Alstromeria including the new “extreme” variety, green trick, emile, statice, Gyp and agapanthus are all in production and filling the shop.

So please drop in or give us a call and brighten up your home or someone’s day with the freshest blooms around.