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Market Report Friday 20th May 2011

May 20 2011

Post Mother’s Day we have been hit with a very cold snap of weather. Last Tuesday the temepreture in Ballarat made it to a measly 5.7 deg with a much cooler wind-chill factor. These wintery conditions have continued until now which has resulted in a drastic reduction in quantity and variety of fresh LOCALLY grown flowers. When these situations occur there is always those wholesalers looking to fill the gaps with imported product. This week in the market we have seen imported gyp, delphinium, larkspur, roses, orchids, lissianthus, freesias, hyacinth, liatris and peony roses. The quality of these products has been generally very good and has helped us provide a large range of choice for our customers.

On the locally grown front, our friends’ at Torquay, the Santospirito’s, have some magnificent Triumphator lilies on the go. It’s great to see you, our customers, embracing these more over time as you realise how good these lilies are. They have a 45 degree shaped flower head with a pink and white bicolour bloom and as they are grown outside they have an excellent vase life.

Potted cymbidiums have finally arrived. The first pots come in 1 stems, 2 stem right through to 7 stem pots. Simply divine.