Market Report Christmas 2011

December 17 2011

Christmas is with us again.  Like every year we have raced to Deceber in what seems even quicker time this year.

At the farm we have been absolutley flat out.  Green trick or “christmas” trick as where calling it has been flowing in fast and furious.  Our carnations have been producing well and the quality is excellent.  Check out our facebook page and you will see the pics of the journey of the sunflower.  The sunnys have started to flower this week with some amazing colours coming through.  Check out the facebook page if you get a chance.

Of course the shop is abnormally full of great quality and range of fresh cut flowers and arrangments for all needs.  This year we are providing two different types of Christmas lilies.  Firstly from Santospirito we have there field grown ones.  This year has been a great one for outdoor production.  The gods have smiled on them and rained nearly on que.  The result is tall chunky bunches with only slight outdoor markings.

Our Premiums are again grown by Feingold who simply seem to get better and better at growing the unbeatable White heaven christmas lily.  Don’t be confused by thinking a christmas lily is just a christmas lily.  The stuff sold at the fruit shops/supermarkets has nothing on the quality, vase life and presentaion of the white heaven christmas lily.

Other unbeatable christmas lines include green trick, Gladdies, Lissianthus, a huge range of  berries, holly and roses all set to help you make christmas and the christmas giving a little easier and more special.

So drop in or give us a call and let us make your christmas a little more special.