In case we forget to tell you heres some tips about rose care

February 4 2015

Roses are a thing of beauty, fleeting beauty but worth it.  Roses should be freshly cut before you put them into your clean vase at home. Sometimes they can droop their heads, this is a sign of dehydration.  To help your rose live a little longer re- cut the stems and fill your vase up as high as possible with water to re-hydrate the rose.   Leaves on the stems should be removed below the water level to help keep the water fresh, it is a good idea to change the water every few days if you remember and cut  a little more of the bottom of the stems as it will be sealed over.

If your roses have arrived as an arrangement they will be in oasis.  This is a water soaked sponge like material that needs fresh water added to it as it will dry out.  Just add 1/2 cup slowly to the centre of the arrangement you can stick your finger in the side of the pot so you can make sure you are not overfilling it.  If you think it took the water easily add some more.  This should be done daily for premium care.

Other helpful hints are if possible keep roses away from direct sunlight or near heaters.  Some people move their flowers into the coolest room to help get longer out of them.  Vases should be thoroughly cleaned between flowers with bleach if possible.

So enjoy your roses and most of all enjoy being loved!

The Stems Team