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New Epping Flower market

September 3 2015

This week we have experienced the end of an era and the start of a new one!

After fourteen years of trekking down to Footscray wholesale markets we have finally moved to the new state of the art facility at Epping.  The new market has been dogged with poor PR and time delays but this week we finally started using it.  The market itself is fantastic.  Bigger, better parking, flatter and smoother ground which makes wheeling flower trolleys a lot easier than the old site.  Yet the management of the market is like an episode of Utopia.  Bureaucracy gone mad.  This morning there was no allocated parking available.  We were then told to park here and then another security guard comes along and tells us we can’t park there…. etc etc etc.  To many bosses!!!

Overall we are very excited for the next chapter of flower trading at the new market.  It is modernisation that had to happen allowing us to keep working on our efficiency as an industry.

We loaded the truck as usual with the freshest and largest range of premium cut flowers for all our loyal Ballarat customers.  Drop in our give us a call on 0353344284 and let us help you brighten up your day!