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Valentines Day in Ballarat

December 7 2015

Valentines Day is a day to celebrate love and appreciation for the love we have in our lives.  Yes its commercial but when you consider all the chaos in the world today does it really hurt to send someone you appreciate a rose or 12 to let them know they mean the world to you.

Here at Stems in Ballarat we have large walk in coolroom with a huge range of roses in the traditional red or perhaps you would sooner mix it up and choose another colour.  Others steer away from roses and go with lilies or whatever you fancy.

Some people send roses to their mums and some even have been known to send one to their mother in law, thats dedication.  Some send them to their friends but most send them to the love of their lives.  Let  the team at Stems in Ballarat help you send the love, jump online  Stems Online Shopping or come on instore to Mair St or Coltman Plaza, Lucas.

Have a great Valentines Day

Love the Stems Team,Ballarat