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Valentines Day Ballarat

February 10 2016

Here at Stems our team are getting a little excited about the next few days at work.  We LOVE seeing all you love birds come in and ponder what to buy.  They question  should I  add a bear, a balloon or both? do you add chocolates or not – will she be offended if you don’t? Then you linger over the cards  and then when you have chosen one you sneak away to a quite place on the counter and write your loved one a sweet message. Special times

Some of our favourites over the years

One guy drove up to the front door at Stems filled the back of his ute with flowers to go and propose to the one he loved.

An older gentleman came to choose his wife a single red rose because he had done it every year for over 50 years – now thats a tradition and thats real LOVE

the young teenager who came in with his mum to help choose his ‘first ever’ valentines day purchase – we weren’t sure who was paying or who was more nervous

one year we had ran out of rose petals and one guys was quite keen to get his hands on some so he could sprinkle them over the bed, we couldn’t let him leave disappointed so some of the staff got busy and pulled some petals to get hims bag full.  He was ever so excited

of course we get in the new dads who fall in love all over again with their wives once they have seen them have  a baby

we can almost guarantee one of our regulars will come in and get his special person some flowers and then also grabs a bunch for his mum – almost makes us cry. They are European but us Aussies can catch onto that bit of love surely.  Who doesn’t love their mum it isn’t all about romance.

the girlfriends that come in to get their best friend a single red rose because she’s just broken up with her boy friend/girlfriend

So many stories, so so many.  We look forward to this years stories and adventures  with the lovers of Ballarat

See you in the next few days

The Stems Team