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Tips for long-lasting flowers in Ballarat

September 21 2018

When you receive or buy a lovely bunch of flowers in Ballarat, you want to enjoy the power of their petals for as long as possible.

So what can you do to make those blooms last in your home? How do you stop them drooping, dropping their petals and going from “beautiful” to “binned” within a few, short days?

At Stems Flower Market, we say proper care all stems from the stem. That’s right. Treat the stem with respect and enjoy the flowers for longer.

While there are some basic rules to follow, it’s important to realise that different varieties can have different needs. However, our experienced florist team always advises that step number one for most flowers is to cut the stems to an appropriate level. Aim for about three to five centimetres from the stem’s end and angle the cut sharply.

So why cut the stems when you get your flowers home? In basic terms, it helps to make sure that enough water can travel up the stem and hydrate the flower. It is worth noting that with warratahs, instead of cutting the stem you actually smash the hard stem ends to prevent them from sealing over and hindering the draw up of water.

Once the stems are dealt with, it’s time to place them in clean, fresh water. We recommend you remove leaves sited below the water level.

Just like people, plants last longer with a proper feed. At Stems Flower Market, we can provide you with plant food to add to the water, helping your Ballarat flowers look good for longer.

Other flower care tips include –

  • If your roses are looking droopy, head for the sink. That’s right, fill up a sink with cold water and lie them in it for a few hours. You can also place them in a tall vase and fill it with water to just below the rose bloom. Proper hydration makes a huge difference to the lifespan of a bouquet of roses.
  • A tight lily bud can take up to a week to open, so carefully time your purchase if you want full flowers for a special occasion such as a dinner party.
  • Keep flowers out of direct sunlight and don’t put them in a room where the heater’s going full blast and expect them to last for ages.
  • And remember to ask for specific flower care advice from your florist to make sure your blooms go the distance.

When it comes to fresh flowers Ballarat people are spoilt for choice with Stems Flower Market. We provide a great range of beautiful flowers and we want you to enjoy them for as long as possible.

Our few simple rules – think stem care, water, leaf removal and food – can help you do just that. So follow those rules, then sit back and soak up the joy that fresh flowers bring to your home and life.

For quality flowers from our Ballarat shop or more information on their care, please contact our friendly team at Stems Flower Market today.