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Fresh Flower Market Report

October 24 2008

The warmer weather in Ballarat and Victoria ensured large volumes of flowers arrived at this weeks market for us to select from.  With the spring carnival now in full swing demand from this event for flowers has ensured product is being bought up quickly.

Today’s market was all about roses.  Late spring has arrived with plenty of Roses now available.  We selected cold house roses for our stock this week. Cold house roses are glass house grown but are not forced on by modern heating.  The result means that the roses grow slower which means they last longer at home in the vase and are bigger in the flower size.  We are extremely happy to be able to offer these at $14 per bunch.

Tulip season has about six weeks of the year to run before they disappear until next valentines day in February.  We have some excellent quality short tulips available in store at only $10 per bunch.

Our other in store specials this week are long stemmed Gerberas at only $7 per bunch and Asiatic lillies at $7.99 per bunch or three for $20.

Our Peony grower from Meredith Premium Peonies have dropped in the first bunches of the year today.  What can one say they are simply stunning! Numbers will increase over the next week to ensure a consistent supply.

On the living gift side of things we have some really cool edible pineapple plants.  These are great gifts for any occasion and the pineapples can actually be eaten! Check out a photo of them in Seasonal section on our page Pam is wrapping one.

There are simply too many other magnificent flowers around at the moment to mention them all so please come in or phone us to see/discuss what wonderful combinations you can put together for yourself and remember fresh is best and you’ll get the best at Stems.