Stems Flower Market News & Events

February 24 2011

Market Report Thursday 24th Feb

Valentine’s Day is now firmly behind us. At our Ballarat florist shop we had a fantastic day and we hope that we provided lots of people with some memorable gifts of affection. Over 350 deliveries were completed with the first at 6.30am and the last at 8pm that night. Now ten days later life at…

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February 1 2011

Market Report Tuesday 1st Feb

With Valentine’s Day only 14 days away our focus and attention has quickly turned to the day of love. A day where we get to share and exchange feeling with the special people in our life. The rose of choice at stems flower market is Grandifloras Adrenalin rose. As its name suggests it is full of Adrenalin a…

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January 13 2011

Market Report Thursday 13th January 2011

With Christmas now behind us we have made it to 2011 and are experiencing some very challenging weather.  As all of you are as well.  How does it affect the flower market?  Well we will start with Steve at Lockyer cut flowers in Granthum Queensland who supplies us with our statice.  He has lost literally…

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December 10 2010

Market Report Friday 10th December 2010

Where do I start……. Christmas is here! Only 15 days until Santa hits town. On the flower front the humid warm victorian weather has produced excellent growing conditions for undercover cut flowers.  The market was full of a wide range of products. Christmas Lilies Our Christmas lilies come from two growers.  Our premiums from Feingold…

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November 7 2010

Market Report Friday 5th November

  This weeks market has been all about Peonies.  They usually start flowering around the 28th October and are getting into full swing this week.  However due to the very cold weather we have been having in the middle to late October flowering has been delayed until now.  This resulted in some very dissapointed brides…

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October 28 2010

Market Report 28th October 2010

Another massive load of freshly cut flowers have made their way back to Ballarat.  Spring has finally arrived with most lines being in plentiful supply.  We managed to pick up some First grade asiatic lilies for our advertised special of $6.99 per bunch.  Its very hard to go past, both in price and a brilliant vase life….

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October 21 2010

Market Report Thursday 20th October

What a huge spring market.  Product every where!!  Quality simply excellent.  Warratahs in small, medium and large, flowering Azalea’s, Hippiastrums, and pink pineapples are just some of the treats we bought home today.  The team from Wafex secured us some 90cm tall chincherinchi bunches.  These are normally around 40cm tall so these large ones are…

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October 14 2010

Market Report 14th October

Its officially spring at Stems Flower Market.  The shop is filled with beautiful new varieties that are stunning. It is definitely waratah season, with our range of sizes between 30cm and 1.5 metres in height.  They are truly brilliant, and well worth coming in to have a look at.  The ‘Lily of the valley’ and…

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September 30 2010

Market Report Thursday 30th September

De Ja Vu – Its grand final week again, and coupled with the second week of school holidays, things are a bit quieter in the Melbourne Flower Market, with some specials to be had.  The oriental lilies from Feingold offer brilliant value for money – their quality is superb.  Some beautiful varieties of the 70cm…

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September 16 2010

Market Report Thursday 15th September

Even though we have a little touch of winter back spring flushes of flowers dominated todays market providing some excellent buying oppurtunities which we are able to pass on to our loyal customers.  Asiatic lillies have come down in price to $9.99 per bunch as well as Ballarat grown carnations at $9.99 as well.  Fresias,…

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