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Stems Flower Market News & Events

October 24 2008

Fresh Flower Market Report

The warmer weather in Ballarat and Victoria ensured large volumes of flowers arrived at this weeks market for us to select from.  With the spring carnival now in full swing demand from this event for flowers has ensured product is being bought up quickly. Today’s market was all about roses.  Late spring has arrived with…

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October 16 2008

Market Specials 16th October 2008

With the continued warm weather this weeks market was once again abundant with quality flowers from all over Victoria and Australia.  The quality was once again excellent from our preferred suppliers who have all enjoyed a little extra sunlight to bring on their crops. From Grandiflora(our rose supplier), this week we have secured some good quality 50cm roses that…

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October 9 2008

Market report 9th October 2008

Quality and range was the theme for our purchases this morning at the Victorian Flower market.  All stock lines were in plentiful supply and our growers provided excellent quality product for purchase.  A new variety of Warratah was made available today.  Still with a striking crimson red colour but it has a pretty white blush…

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October 2 2008

Ballarat Flower market and Florist update

We had the usual early start for market today.  First at market we dropped off our Ballarat grown carnations bound for Sydney market.  Then it was off to the buyers floor to see what arrived in market for sale.  Supply was very strong with Spring continuing to provide large volumes of flowers in certain lines….

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September 29 2008

September Market Update Flowers Ballarat

We are now truly into spring with warmer temperatures now more normal. Flower supply has been excellent with Victorian growers now in full production on most lines. Local production means less transport better quality, a lower carbon footprint and best of all cheaper prices!!! So everyone is a winner. I must say I was a little…

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